Founded in 1987 by Executive Director, Tom Coates, and President, Carl Coates, Consumer Credit of Des Moines sets the standard for quality credit counseling and customer service. Under their leadership and vision, within five years Consumer Credit of Des Moines had grown into the largest credit counseling service in the state of Iowa.

In 1993 Consumer Credit expanded beyond the city limits of Des Moines to offer credit counseling in a branch office in Davenport, Iowa. Since that time, Consumer Credit has reached out to offer credit counseling in eight Iowa cities, and has provided telephone counseling to families in nearly every state and to overseas U.S. Military men and women. Due to unprecedented growth over the last six years, Consumer Credit of Des Moines nearly doubled the size of its corporate headquarters in 2002.

Due to rising consumer debt, an increasing number of U.S. families are seeking the assistance of credit counseling services. With the proliferation of the Internet, many sub-par credit counseling services have entered the market. It is our intent to stand out within this industry as an agency that believes we are personally accountable for providing prompt, accurate, and efficient service to our clients.

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